Humans are creatures of habit!  When we have lived in a house for a while, we get used to seeing things and become accustomed to the way they are.  We adapt to and accept things as normal which the objective eye might see as crowded, cluttered or perhaps needing repair.

As you prepare to sell your home, it is important to take the time and really assess what you are selling.  Take a magnifying glass approach to everything that a buyer might see, and fix that loose door handle or tighten and oil that hinge which squeaks every darn time you open that cabinet!

A suggestion is to ask someone, who does NOT live with you, to go through your house with a clipboard and a roll of blue masking tape.  As they go through your house have them take notes of things that they see that need repair and to “sticker” them with the tape.  Remember the task and assignment for this person is to brutally honest with you and to “nit-pick” and point out things that need to be fixed, painted and/or repaired.

These are things that you might have either grown accustomed to or overlooked.  But these things are exactly what a potential buyer see as they get ready to make a serious decision to buy your home or the one down the street which may be going for about the same price, but needs fewer repairs.

Once you have finished this task list, go through your house and remove the clutter.  Begin putting precious collectibles, pictures and knickknacks in boxes which are  neatly stacked in the garage or better yet, in a storage unit.

What you don’t want to do is to just move the clutter from one place in your home to another, even if it’s only the garage.  Never forget that you are selling square footage along with that location, location, location!

A potential buyer wants to imagine himself living in this house, so work to depersonalize the living space as much as possible and remove pictures and mementos.  What may separate your home from its competition could be the perception of space which translates into value per square foot.  

Although you are most likely NOT selling your furnishings, it is absolutely true that how you present and stage your home will be a defining reason that will motivate a buyer to choose your house as their new dream home!

As you prepare to enter the market, never forget that your home is most likely your largest financial asset.  Treat this asset as one which is worthy of your investment of time, effort, and a small budget to do the necessary repairs and a bit of home staging.

The best Real Estate Agent in the world CANNOT overcome the negative impression that a worn and cluttered house will give to someone who is actively looking to buy their new dream home!  Remember the old adage, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”.

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