Selling your home is one of the largest financial decisions a person will make in his or her lifetime. Whether this is your first home purchase or you have bought and sold many homes in the past, it is always a good idea to seek the help of a professional. That’s where I come in. My job is not only to see that you get the best possible deal from selling your home, but also to guide you through the entire process from beginning to end, making the process as pleasant and efficient as possible.

I am a professional, career Realtor and I help my clients sell and buy houses almost every day.  For me, it has become second nature.  I do think, however, that it is important for you to understand how I operate and I would I like to share my approach  to accomplish the job from start to closed deal.

When we meet.

1. Based on the comparables that I will provide, we will discuss the value range of your home and together establish a price you feel comfortable with while keeping your home competitively priced which will open the market versus narrowing the market for you.

An important consideration, after we decide your home’s entry value, is what kind of buyer will the price and area of your home bring. This can be a vital factor and it is essential that you be aware of this as you enter the market.

2. During this time, I will suggest and advise you as to any changes that you may want to make in your property to make it more saleable and safe for showing.

3. Another element is taking photos for the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), advertising, brochures and a possible Virtual Tour. When I arrive, please make sure that each room is clean and tidy and is at its best appearance so I can begin this process as soon as possible.

4. If you decide to allow the installation of a lock box to accommodate showings from agents, I will do this as I leave your house.

5. When I get back to my office, I will submit your home to our Multiple Listing Service as well as begin any other advertising that we will have discussed and agreed upon.

6. While not every seller wants a sign in their front yard, generally, it is a huge plus to add additional exposure through a professional sign.  I will provide the sign.

7. I work with over a hundred agents who are constantly showing houses to buyers.  Because of this I will promote your home at the company sales meetings. It has always amazed me over the years how often a home is sold in this way!

8. I will also submit your property information to our company Website that provides national exposure.  This site also incorporates online venue’s which fan out from the MLS listing to over a hundred secondary websites such as Trulia, Realtor.com, Redfin and  several others.

9. As a career Realtor, I prospect daily looking for potential buyers and if agreed upon with you, I will hand deliver flyers to the entire neighborhood.

10. As the seller, you have the right to know everything I learn or know with regarding the sale of your home. This may come from comments from agents who have shown, comments from the neighborhood and sometimes calls from the public at large. I will provide regular updates to keep you aware of any changes in the real estate market place and your neighborhood. In addition, we will have a discussion at the time of listing regarding how much you want to be apprised regarding incidental comments or observations. Some want to know everything and others only want to know important changes in market conditions.

11. As I work with possible buyers, I will ensure that everyone is pre-qualified before they go into your home. The only exception to this rule will be if we agree that an Open House is a right marketing strategy right for your house.

12. As your home is shown, I make it a rule to follow-up on the salespeople who have shown your home in order to get their feedback and response. This is valuable to you as a seller as it gives you insight into how others are perceiving your home’s value in relation to condition and several additional factors.

13. Once we get an offer, I represent you on all offer presentations. My role is to negotiate the best price and scenario possible for YOU!

14. I will also oversee all of the details once a contract has been accepted, such as  mortgage, title and many other aspects of closing.  This becomes critical and can be the difference between taking an offer and closing a deal.  As the seller, once you accept an offer, you have 7 days to provide all the necessary disclosures.  These are mandated by law to be presented to the buyer so that they can make an informed decision regarding the purchase.  An example of such a disclosure includes the Natural Hazard Report which the seller has to provide.  If the buyer has a lender, the lender will request a copy of the Preliminary Title along with a copy of the Buyer’s Contract to Purchase. I will streamline the process for you and make it feel a little less intensive.

As we move through the contractual requirements, I maintain regular contact with the buyer’s agent and ensure that he or she performs all duties needed and required to close the deal. Most agents that I have worked with would tell you that I am easy to work with and am very professional. My actions are focused on closing the deal and ensuring that everything goes as planned and on the specified timeline as per the contract.  I handle each sale in a manner to develop and build lasting relationships with my clients so that they will recommend me to everyone they know

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