As people begin looking for a new home, they drive around neighborhoods to see if the houses look like they did online and if the neighborhood is somewhere they would like to live. At this time, they are assessing the “curb appeal” of the local community.  

Curb appeal carries a tremendous amount of weight in the world of real estate.  When selling your home, it’s the little things that make a huge difference, making that important first impression to potential buyers and will affect the asking price and impact the negotiations.

When you are considering selling your house, take a few minutes and stand in front of your house and ask yourself, “What needs to be done to make my house stand out?”  Take time to see your house as a buyer will see it, and compare it to the many choices buyers have to compare your home against.

Little things add up to a big picture buyers will remember, so take the time to trim shrubs, rake up leaves, and plant some colorful flowers.  Don’t forget that Serious buyers will drive by your house at night to see what it looks like in the evening!Don’t forget weekly mowings of your lawn and perhaps scattering a bag of grass seed.  If you have drought tolerant landscape, take the time to rake the rocks and clean out anything the winds might have blown in!

One simple and low cost improvement you can make is to re-paint or re-stain your front door.  Emphasize and compliment the mood of elegance, modernism, rustic, traditional or whatever the best selling points of your neighborhood and house might be.

These simple projects will serve to make the impression of that your house is it is bigger, better, cleaner, warmer and a better value than the other houses for sale.  The goal is to make those who pass by want to come inside and see what you are selling!

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